I was looking on musicians friend and I saw a Epi Goth Explorer for $400 and it sounds like a good deal any advice?
I hear (on this site) that they are pretty decent except for the p-ups. Maybe a swap would make it killer for the$. I hear too that the neck feels a little weird (maybe the flat finish?).
ive played a friends many times and it sounds awesome with emg81/85 and the neck is a little wierd
I got an epiphone futura prophecy, which is basically the same deal except with emgs. the strap buttons suck on em. but theyre aiight. you gotta get accustomed to em. im a light weight guitarist [5'6 and 130 pounds] and it looks really big on me and weighs me down a little.

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THe neck feels fine, I liked the smooth flat painted neck. After a couple months it won't be flat anymore anyway.

I wouldn't buy the cheesy Epi knock off of the goth explorer. Put the $400 towards an used Gibson goth explorer on Ebay. Compared the the Gibson Goth, the Epi version looks like a cheesy knock off IMHO.
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Yeah man, just swap the pick-ups........

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