[verse 1]
I'm so wrapped up inside my head
I feel the sun on my face but
I can't tell where the shadows end
and where the light begins

the sunlight is so bright that I'm
afraid if I look I'll go blind
seeing clouds in the naked sky
I know there's nothing there

[verse 2]
I'm so afraid of losing it
that I keep out of its warm light
its everything that I wanted
but I can't leave the shade


[verse 3]
can't find the sun behind the clouds
can't be sure they even exist
the only thing I have is me
and I don't trust my eyes.

I'm alone unless I'm with her
I miss the sun when it's not here
it's her smile that makes me alive
it casts shadows across my mind

the light that fills me makes me whole
a golden dawn replacing night
the darkness scares me most of all
foreshadowed by the setting sun


[verse 4]
when the iron sky begins to cry
I know I'll taste the light again
the rainbow's what not scares me most
it's the rain before the sun


Maybe there's too much symbolism?
good song but a little bit cheesy, but a good song overall
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