Hey guys,

I really wanna start doing vocals with my guitar playing and have tried every now and then while playing, but am finding it pretty hard too keep my guitar playing together and keep a strong vocal..

anyone else had this issue at all, will it just improve with practise??

you have to become comfortable with what youre playing first. sooo yep practice
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Try to hum the melody at first, instead of really singing/speaking the words. That should get the rhythm and coordination right, then move on to the actual lyrics
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what i do is learn the song on guitar so perfectly i dont have to even think about it, then i start singing the song. So basically practice.
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Cheers the for the quick response boys gotta love the UG community....will keep practicing!
yea practise is good and try to sing and play with songs that are in harmony with one another. like there are songs where a G chord is being played and you will be singing in G as well which makes things easier for you. then eventually try those tougher ones where the vocals and instrumentals seem like they're from two completely different songs (yet still sound good)
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Yeah, you gotta learn the lyrics and the guitar part down pat, cuz if you ever think about either one, you're done. Automatic.

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I usually start with learning to sing first, cuz its easier, but if you write the guitar parts first well then obviously do that.

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