i'm thinking about getting a new guitar and getting back playing after my only electric guitar a cheap encore les paul broke.
i was thinking about the ibanez grg250dx and was wondering what people thought about it as i can't find any dealers in thecountry i live in.
the styles that i'm interested in are rock, metal and blues. i'm looking at getting a vox ad15vtxl with it.
i'm open to suggestions but would not like to spend much more on the guitar than the list price of the ibanez.
GAK ship to Ireland I'm sure.
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Instead of the GRG250, I'd recommend the RG321 or this RGR321:


Not only are they of better quality than the GIO range, they have a fixed bridge.

Cheap double locking tremolos are best avoided and the Edge III isn't an exception. Unless you really want a trem, go for a hardtail.
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I own a GRG250DX and I'm very happy with it.... I think it has a really cool looking, and it's very good to play rock and metal.... The bridge was a bit problematic in the beggining for me... I coudn't tune the guitar, but I adjusted the bridge and it's all OK now