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Alright, so there's this local band that has asked me to join as a second guitarist. There music is just really average to me, though. No types of intricate riffs or arrangements, hardly any solos... nothing special.

However, they said that they're wanting to develop into a more progressive and well-polished sound. I'm somewhat hesitant about joining this group because I honestly don't know if the members are willing to put forth an effort to grow.

Here's a link to their MySpace page: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=136353269

Do you think it's worth the time and investment of joining?
Gaining experience from a band is always good. If you enjoy their music and don't mind playing within yourself for a while, then it's well worth investing your time. You will see yourself develop as they do!
Join them, hang on with them for a while, and if you decide it's not for you and they are hardly developing, leave.
Only if you're taking the singer's place too. He sounds like every single alternative rock band singer EVER
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Jam with them first. See how it goes. Don't pass it up, just because.

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no because their myspace almost froze my computer

(i don't really know i couldn't listen to them)
I have jammed with them... They can't ever get anything done because nobody agrees on anything. I think that's why they don't have anything different to bring to the table.
Ok, opinion first off... music doesn't have to be complex to be awesome and sometimes guitar solos can be suicidal.

With my pretty much meaningless opinion out of the way, if you like their music go ahead and check it out. You might fall in love with it and have tons of fun!

I agree with the guy who said the singer sounds just like every other alternative rock singer... I don't know. It's just starting to get annoying (another opinion, god.).

EDIT: Just read your last post.

If they can't agree on anything then chances are things aren't going to work out well. Just saying.
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If ypu aren't sure about joinging, you could turn up as a 'session guitarist' and just stay with them on a temporary basis. If you like what's happening you can stay, if you don't you can leave.