I'm kinda stuck in a rut with my playing right now. Ive been playing 3 and a half years. I can play a lot of songs all the way through, and play them well. I'm really good at playing other bands songs. I can do a little bit of improvisation with the minor pentatonic etc and a few other things. But what I really would like to learn is how to take a bunch of chords and learn all the different ways to solo over top of it. Also I want to learn a ton of extra chords and stuff, like I know how to do major and minor chords and open chords and stuff, but take Jimi Hendrix and his songs for example, I wanna learn how to do all those crazy chords he does and put into songs and change keys of the chords and stuff. Same thing how you can play a Bm and take the same shape and move it up to a Cm. I just wan to learn new chord shapes and scales and ways to solo so I can develop my own style even further. I just dont know where to start learning this and stuff.

I hope you guys understand what I'm asking.

Thanks in advance.
You and me are in basically the EXACT same situation, so I'm gonna keed and eye on this thread. What I've been doing is just playing random things and learning by trial and error.
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Theory is what your asking for. If your poor read every lesson and article on this site, especially the crusades. If your not, get a teacher.
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Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
Well you need theory, especially some insight into scales.
I can give a brief intro in it,
So we have the example progression of:
Now we're going to find out what scale this is, to do this we're going to look which notes are in each chord (If you're not farmiliar with a chord look it up somewhere http://jguitar.com for exmaple and you'll learn the new chords as you go).
So the notes are
So all those notes together (in alphabetical order starting from the Am)
A-B-C-D-E-F-G (yes it's an exmaple so it's simple.)
So now we're going to look which scales notes fit in, (if you don't know any once again look 'm up, and you'll get the hang of them)
So that's C minor and A minor , and many more with the same notes, but since this resolves to Am, we're going to say A minor (to find out what it resolvers to see which chord sounds "good" to end the song with, C,G,F don't sound complete but Am does).
So now we have our scale A minor, now look up the scale (learn it by hard) and you can solo over it. Try some different scale aswell, like for example A minor pentatonic, which is simply the minor with two notes left out.

Now, some notes are going to sound better over the progression than others, for example when playing an Am, the "best" notes are A,C,E since those are in the chord, or you could play an G over it with which you "colour" the Am with an 7 which makes it sound like an Am7.

Now just record yourself doing some progressions and try soloing over them and experiment, you might at some times sound horrible, but your brain will remember this and will make sure you don't hit the same horrible notes again next time.
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also another thing, when I try to improvise i ussually just stick to a minor pentatonic box kinda place cause I know that works, and I cant get my self to move from it cause I can never find anything that works. I want to learn how to get out of that box and do different things.