Hey! I'm new so bear with me. I have a Marshall TSL100 head I bought on E-Bay, but no cab yet. I want to get a cab with Vintage 30's in it but I can't afford it new, and so far they're over $500 on E-Bay and Craigslist. (at least one in good shape) I have been looking at Egnater and Blackstar cabs with 30's in them, but I really want a Marshall that matches the head. I saw one ad for the 280 watt Mode Four cab but they are Vintage 30MF. What is the difference? Also I have read that there isn't a whole lot of difference between the g12t75 and the V30's and I also wonder about the new MC cabs Any suggestions, and does anyone have any good results with that head and other cabs not made by Marshall? By the way I play mostly Classic rock and Alternative and I like a really defined distortion which doesn't need to be too trebly, which I say is a Cryst5al clear raunchy sound- so if you hit a full chord you can hear every string. thanks MJO
There is a huge difference between the G12T75s. Idk who the hell told you otherwise. And the MC cabs suck. They'e terrible. Don't even go near them. If you're looking to buy a new MC cabinet, there is no reason not to pick up a used 1960B for $300-$400 or so. They're around all the time.

I have had great experiences with many cabs that are not made by Marshall, but for the most part they were all over $500.