The AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack is available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3. It comes with 18 live AC/DC songs from a performance played by the band in Donington, UK in 1991. Some of the songs are “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, “T.N.T” “Thunderstruck”, and “Back in Black”. All of the songs are available once the game is loaded, but they are played in the basic sequence similar to the original performance. The songs can be played as a band or solo. The game also comes with a one-time use code that allows Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users to export the songs to the hard-drive to play in other Rock Band games.

There is a lot of challenge and over 99 minutes of game play for all the instruments. Many of the songs are very fast and provide endless enjoyment to players. Players get the amazing AC/DC Live experience by playing the classic songs AC/DC fans love. But, the biggest complaint is there are no visual indications that it is associated with AC/DC. The screen is the basic Rock Band screen with the generic Rock Band characters. The game would be much more worth while if players could choose a member of the band as characters.

The live versions of the songs are fairly clean and very close to the originals, but the lag that usually occurs with live concerts sometimes affects the game play levels. The graphics are pretty good, but the notes sometimes look a little blurry.

It is a little expensive for what you get, at the retail price of $40. It is the very basic version of Rock Band and Rock Band 2, with identical graphics, menus, and basic structure from Rock Band, and vocals and the calibration system from Rock Band 2. However, the game lacks a few enjoyable features such as a World Tour, challenges, online play, online leader board, or customizing characters. But, users can export the songs to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 to use these features.

Overall the game receives a mediocre rating.

The AC/DC tracks would be a great addition to the Rock Band Collection, but they come at a premium price and include some songs that many users may not care for. AC/DC fanatics will benefit the most from this game; otherwise gamers may want to wait until it goes on sale.
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