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4 29%
7 50%
Bleed Away
3 21%
Voters: 14.
Piece with most votes gets through to the final. Please consider originality of the words that were to be dropped while voting.

bluesybilly's piece (words were crinoline dress, Barry White and thirty-five dollar night-club tickets ")

So I was with this drunk chick right?
-as she spun around in her crinoline dress,
i actually felt like i loved her-
and she was ugly
*no laughter*

everyones a winner,
its like we've got thirty-five dollar night-club tickets
to a sixteen plus night!
We're twenty-three.
My Id doesn't even look like me.
Why did we have to buy these things anyways?
"cause James is really fucking high"
that has nothing to do with anything.

Hey look everybody its Barry White!
if I were him I would give my girlfriend an orgasm
just by speaking,
now that would be the best
valentines day gift, like, ever.

#1Synth's piece (words were delicate skin, "truth or dare" and 'I'm more of an ass kinda guy')

Picking a Puppy Part II "Nothing is ever free”

Because when you do find a free kitty or puppy
(whether it come from the newspaper,
from a street corner,
or from no where in particular)
you don't know a lot about the animal
that you need to know in order to care for him or her properly.
For example:

Have they had any vaccines?
What kind and when?
Do they have delicate skin?
Do they have fleas?
Do those kitties carry leukemia, feline aids or feline infectious peritonitis?
Do those puppies have the scurvy or the mono or the gout?
Are those kitties experienced in "truth or dare?"
Are those puppies more sympathetic to the economic ideas of laissez-faire?

You need to ask the difficult questions if you’re going to pick the pet for you.
But if you do not want a pet at all
and are just are looking for some fun
call me up at 508-909-8767,
and bring a friend.
But be warned,
though I’m more of an ass kind of guy
I like big breasted mama’s as well.

PS. I charge twenty dollars an hour
for anything past a handjob.

-The New York Times, Feb. 14th 2009

Bleed Away's' piece (hair dye, and proposal and diaper)

I killed her slowly
with a packed of hair dye.
You know how this is;
To seek, to yield, to find
to and fro the tourniquet sweetness.

A eulogy, my dear
for each day a flower
for the empty distance.
What is the difference;
a garment and the tired diaper-
Isn’t that beautiful?

I crave your voice, your face
your innocence. Do I dare?
A wild child did we bore;
did we once propose
within the absence of contempt?
I’m no prophet-after all;
and in short
I was afraid.

Love gathered again;
they go mad
ragged in their dying sight.
Why did you put the three best (aside from Jamie's and Katherine's and everyone else's) in the same poll?

seriously though, good luck to the three of us. may the best man win.
Quote by ZanasCross
Hands down the best piece you've ever written Dyl


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You know, I still think that Royal Blue piece should win this; for no particular reason though... hmm.