hey guys im looking to upgrade from a iceman 700 with emgs to a new guitar...

i only have about 1000$ right now, and i was looking at http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Hellraiser-V-1-FR-Electric-Guitar-520218-i1438622.gc

i play anything from the chili peppers to bodom to radiohead to slayer to sublime and everything in between

did anybody here play one before? is so are they good?(ill prolly replace the pups, so its ok if they arent the best)

rhcp on that thing?
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schecter necks arnt for everyone. And I doubt you'd need to replace the pups, they are probably the same as the EMGs in your iceman if not better (the 89 is the coil tappable 85 if im right)
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get a new amp man

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Better get the Schecter V-1 Blackjack ATX FR, it has floyd rose (original) and SD Blackouts
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Better get the Schecter V-1 Blackjack ATX FR, it has floyd rose (original) and SD Blackouts

I agree.

And I would think about maybe getting a new amp instead, your new guitar might not shine through that MG.



I think a new amp would improve your tone a lot more than that guitar. To be quite frank, I don't see how that guitar is an upgrade from your Iceman. It is just (arguably) prettier, but not better.