This is my MG100HDFX that is barely used at all. I am sad to see it go but I am in tight and tough times with this economy and I need the money.
$180.00 and it is all yours! If you live in the southern california area send me a PM and we can iron out the details. If not I can ship it but price will include shipment charges. This is a killer amp for a killer deal!

amp 001.JPG
if it comes with a cab, i'll buy it right now. and i'm in southern california too so i can pick up.
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Sorry dudes, If the cabinet was included I would have listed my MG412 in my orginal post BUT it has already been sold so sorry about that.

180 just for the amp which it is usually 250-300 so do I have any takers?
Thats not a bad price, If i needed a backup head, i'd prob buy this
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