Telecasters and Strats have different neck pockets.

Telecasters can accept Tele necks and Strat necks

Stratocasters can only accept Strat.

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Yes, but they're pretty sucky tuners tbh, Otter (now Albino_Rhino) has a set. He says some of the posts don't turn when the knob is turned. they just spin.
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That's a cheap looking neck - if that's all you've got to spend then fine, but I picked up mighty mite maple necks for my strat and a tele i'm building for $79 a piece, and they are superb quality - as nice as the neck on my Fender MIA Tele.

Check out ebay.
I need cheap locking tuners for my strat cause it has a floyd and i don't want to put a locking nut on it.Does anyone know where to get some? Also this is what it looks like. before, after
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Your floyd is not going to stay in tune with just locking tuners, you need a locking nut and string retainer if you want it to stay in tune when you use it.
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I have heard before that i will be all set with the locking tuners and no lnocking nut, im not going to be using the floyd that much.