I have a question about how I pop when I'm slapping.

When I pop, I slightly use the outside of my curled pinky against the body of my bass to give my index/middle fingers a bit of a lift. I've found that when I pop without using my pinky finger for a bit of a lift my hand ends up just getting pulled towards the body.

The pinky thing works well for me, and it is very comfortable, but in doing this am I hindering myself from achieving better technique?
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So you keep your pinky on the bass while playing?
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NAh I only ever rest my pinky on the bass when I'm using a pick.

My pinky just pushes up off the body a little when I pop.
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if it sounds good to you, chances are it's fine. There is no set way of doing anything. If you've found something that works for you, more power to you.
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Mm, I've heard two sides to that "If it's comfortable for you, go with it" :/
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Unless it slows you down noticeably or decreases your plucking accuracy in any way, I'd say you're fine.
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The 'if it's comfortable to you' answer is very valid, however it sounds like what you're describing is a form of what's called anchoring, which is when you 'anchor' a part of your picking hand to the body to give power/stability to your playing.

If it works for you and you aren't noticing any adverse affects (like stiffness/soreness), then by all means do it. However, any time you anchor like that you're adding rigidity to your pick hand and preventing yourself from being as fast/fluid as you could.

I won't get into the debate, partially because a lot of famous players in both guitar and bass anchor in some respect and do fine, and partially because every time a thread pops up about it (use the searchbar, there are hundreds) it devolves into a heated argument over wether it's good or bad.

Personally, I'd suggest reading up, doing your homework on it, trying both and finding what works best for you. You'll learn more about technique and you'll be able to make an educated decision, which always helps in the long run.

Hope that helps
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I am trying to get what you are on about, if you are resting your pinky on your bass while you pop thats ok, if you use your pinky to pop that could lead to a bad habbit. You do not need to rest your pinky on your bass but if you do that is ok, does not really matter I guess, just personal preference. I think the site How to play bass should have something on it to teach you how to pop.
I do not think it is possible to get good with a pinky pop or using your pinky and ring finger at the same time.