Hey everybody, I'm new and I was wondering if you could recommend a guitar for me. The only guitar I have currently is a Fender Strat Squier. I have been playing on and off for about 1 1/2 years and I would say I am between Beginner (beginner not as a "Complete" beginner, but a decent one) and a intermediate guitarist. I play Metallica, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Sum 41, Led Zepp, Ozzy's music, Chili Peppers. I need a guitar that sounds decent clean and amazing distorted for metal. It also needs to be easy to tap and at or under $800. I've had people recomend me anything from a Schecter Hellraiser, to an Ibanez MG Series, to a Epiphone, etc. So requirements:

Easy to Play or at least somewhat easy to play
Decent clean
Amazing Distorted
Easy to tap, hammer, pull
At or under 800 Bucks

Thanks guys!

Thanks Guys
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Wait and buy used, it's much better for value.
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"Amazing Distorted" is not a quality of a guitar for the most part. That would be the amp.
if you're going to be going to a music store then you'll be able to try them all before you buy them so buy the one that feels and sounds best to you.
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Go and play at least 3-4 before making any decsion!

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What amp are you playing through at the moment?

I ask because it may well be worth upgrading the amp before the guitar. If you're playing through a tiny practice amp then you ain't gonna be able to do justice to a really nice guitar.
Quote by Jerry.thewise
"Amazing Distorted" is not a quality of a guitar for the most part. That would be the amp.

Also, 'easy to tap/hammer/pull' isn't quality of the guitar, but the setup.
well, yeah, Upgraded HSS MIM strat, I like the SC's but not the HB.
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