Whats up UG. I've got some parts for sale. Not looking for any trades other than cash. I only ship CONUS. All prices shipped and all prices best offer.

EMG Zakk Wylde Set with box, manual, etc. used only for a couple months. $150

EMG Expander - This somewhat scoops the mids, but its mainly to clean up muddiness $30

Tremol-No Pin type - this is an awesome little device for floyd rose bridges. I'm done with my alternate tunings so now my bridge is back to full float. $30

Boss DD3 - digital delay pedal. i got this used, tried it a couple times, but i don't need any modulation right now. - $50

I need the money ASAP so best offer by tomorrow night will probably get it. If you need pics, I'll try to get some up by tonight. Also, best place to reach me is kasso187@gmail.com
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how does the tremol-no work? so it cant be pulled up or down or both? My guitar has only a little room to pull up. it's not a completely through the body route. i can only go back so much. I wonder if this is normal.. anyways, can i get pics or something?
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