Well I've got a ton of this stuff, and I noticed a ton of you guys get GOUGED with the price of wood. Plus, I need some cash around here to finish some stuff.

I've got a few pieces here, but if you need something, let me know, chances are I can get it for you no problem. Prices are pretty firm, I'll include shipping prices for CONUS, but I am willing to ship out of the country for the cost of shipping.

Anyways, here is what I've got.

African Mahogany 8/4 Body Blank
14.25" x 21.75"
$50 Shipped First Class

African Ribbon Striped Mahogany 4/4 Neck Blank
3" x 28"
$15 Shipped

Pau Ferro / Morado Fretboard Blanks
.25" x 3" x 28"
$10 shipped

That's what I've got for now, but I can get absolutely anything you'd like from Ebony, purple heart, or quilted maple. If you want something, PM me and I can get you a price quote.

Also, I can get specific pictures of the piece you'd get, if you'd like. I'm just trying to move some of this stuff I have picked up!

Also, you can contact me at three three oh 464 0695 if you have any questions. I'm free almost all day, but leave me a message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you. I have verizon, so feel free to text if your in verizon, otherwise I'll get killed by fees!

As I failed miserably, I have more stuff to put up. Sorry, I didn't want this to seem like ups, I just got some more pictures to put up.

(2)Birdseye (low figure) Maple Fretboard Blank
.25" x 3" x 24"
$10 Shipped

Bloodwood Neck Blank 4/4
3.25" x 27.25"
$23 Shipped

Birdseye Maple (High Figure) Neck Blank 4/4
3.25" x 28.75"
$20 Shipped

Walnut Fretboard Blank
1/4" x 5.5" x 24"
$15 Shipped

(2) Birdseye Maple (High Figure) Neck Blanks 4/4
3.5" x 24"
$20 Shipped

That's all for now, but more later!

Hi, how much for the bloodwood neck blank shipped to the UK? Any how much would it cost for an ebony fretboard blank shipped to the UK?


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let me get back to you I might need some soon,.
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I've PM'd you Re: some prices for various bits of wood.


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Do you have, or can you get alder or swamp ash body blanks...the standard size(16"x22" or so)? I live in Michigan.
Any new woods to report on? How about top woods for carved tops? I'm starting my own build and I have a friend with a CNC machine.
Do you have any maple for bolt-on necks at the moment? I don't mind whether its normal, birdseye, flame, whatever
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Don't waste your time with this guy, I wanted to buy some wood ages ago but he never came up with the goods.

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Congrats dude. I kinda want a BJ too 'cause I like them so much. I'll check your clipz later.