i have a Canon PIXMA MP140 printer/scan/copier.
when i scan a pic, it comes on my cpu, but when i want to print something
it can't find a printer.
in the beginning (2weeks ago) i could print some things.
but now it doesn't do anything.
i tried to reinstall it , but it won't because it says i already have the new mp driver version.
when i put the USB cable in, i hear a sound ,so i know my computer detects it
but nothing happens! :s
can anyone help me?
it won't work , it says that i already have the latest version of the mp driver
plug it into a different USB port in your computer.

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You rollback the driver and uninstall it, or something like that in Device Manager in Control Panel.
Quote by ProphetToJables
plug it into a different USB port in your computer.

it says i need to install the programs, but when i do it, it says that there was a problem during the installation.
well then toss the computer (or printer) out the window... then pee on it, then try doing it... and if it doesn't work then repeat until it does...
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it works <_< it says that it's installed on pc , and another pop-up said it's not installed <_<
but it works
thx! (not to the last one :p)