don't know if this is the right plus but idk
Alright i'm going to the guidance counselor to ask but I wanted MT's opinion first. I'm looking to major in architecture and minor in music and I'm also serious about basketball. What are some schools to look at going to? I live in KY
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If you are majoring in architecture, worry about finding good schools for that.

After you've got a list, you can look at the different schools' music programs and see if that helps you narrow your choices any further. However, music isn't going to be the main focus of your studies, so don't start by focusing on that.

I do not know diddly about architecture, and I doubt most people on here do, so start with your guidance counselor, and do some research online to try to find some of the better programs. (Of course, if someone does know about it, that couldn't hurt, I guess).
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The minor is not nearly as important as the major. Pick your school based on architecture and general quality.

As for basketball, I hope you realize how good you have to be to even have a remote shot at making a college basketball (or any other sport) team, let alone a Division 1 school. NCAA althetes are unbelievable. Do you think you have a shot at somewhere like UK?
Dude...you have no idea how good he is at basketball. I'm sure he understands the challenge that comes with being "serious about basketball".
I realize I know nothing about his skill level on the basketball court. I also know that a friend of mine was the best high school basketball player anyone in our area had ever seen. He wanted to play for Pitt. Pitt told him, "Thank you for your interest, but your jump shot takes a bit too long to develop."

Unless you know people who play at that level, and perhaps you do, you have no idea how good they are; you can't even imagine it.