i just measured the height of the strings above the fretboard on the 12th fret and it was half a cm. is this normal because i always thought the string were too high compared to other acoustics i tried at school (which were much easier to play on).
If It's easier to play then just get the action lowered. You can play around with the hight untill its comfortable to play.
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the action is as low as it can get and it is still difficult but maybe its just me (really weak fingers) any confirmation on how high the strings should be? >_>
how high should the strings be above the fretboard?

As low as possible without causing fret buzz is what most people will say. Its up to personal preference though and will vary from person to person.
Have a look at a really good video on You Tube. Called Fret Buzz and feature's "Eric's Guitars". This goes into truss rod adjustment and several tricks for adjusting string heights.