why not save up and get a nice guitar with pickups you don't to replace?
cost about the same as what you want to do...
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I wouldn't even bother with that tbh
Save your money for something better
You owe that much to yourself
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If you really like that shape and strapped on cash, I'd reccomend this: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-ML-Electric-Guitar-w-Matching-Headstock?sku=511856

If nothing else you would have good hardware like Grover Tuners. A dealer in the area bought a set of these in B-Stock, pretty good guitar to mod since it does come with Grovers
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Find a mysterious guitar on ebay! Seriously, have a look around on it before you buy anything first hand, i bought a really cheap guitar which has no brand and it's pretty good, needed setting up abit but for £48 i can't complain.

Just my thoughts on the matter :P