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Me choose da BLUE one cause it cool and gay
3 60%
Me choose da RED one cause it crazy and bitchy
2 40%
Voters: 5.
"Celeste (Lather, Rinse, Repeat)"

Crushed velvet tips.
The alphabet kiss
glossy corners,
verbs perch on her lips,
they're a melody now.
She aims at the sun,
conceives with her heart
and curses with her lungs.
She turns to the city,
knowing they've been pampered
with toothsome words.
She surrounds them with
a new sea, and greener scenery.
A modern mold where
every wish sold short
of a dollar, and
every child found short
of a collar
prove a liability.

There can't be guilt
if there's permission,
and there can't be permission
without a radio tower,
a satellite,
and nobody effing with
your airspace.

She tries to choke them out,
because she can't extend her mercies
to every ghost that
loves to laugh sincere
or every beatnik
that reads the morning paper,
to every bishop leaning
against east winds
or every mannequin
trying to dance
on factory limbs,

or maybe she could
if she would just look away.

"It's ALL Relative"

You can not act or linger
In heavy harness, dear Brother.
Though the rivers run over
In blinded eye, behind
the native alter; though
much is taken, much abides.
Through the tumid river,
where I gnaw the thorny bushes and trees
‘till the tongue begin to bleed;
I sol tace.

I shall wear my trousers rolled.

And without hope of rest
I renounce unto you-
from the wide open windows
for the aged Petrel, where the oar is removed
(I find dead Negroes on broken sand)-
Oh Brother, how things have changed.
I pass the crowd of household gods
for some three suns on the farthest shore;
and there was a great calm, from the great distance
under the arching heaven.


God spoke in the presence of weary children
that sing, lucidly, for cedars under broken pines,
‘till the task was done;
God was quick to question me.
No demon has yet tempted me and restlessly, I
rolled onto another Kingdom by the river.
And yet not an answer,
not an answer had ever been spoken.

The holy spirit has found me.
The holy spirit has taken me;
so far and no farther.
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I liked both of them, but blue far more. Easier to connect with, I love the language, and (tbh) the title really gets me.