Well I've been playing guitar (tryin to play) for almost a year now, and today I got to know guitarists who have been playing for the same amount of time that I have been playing anyway, they were way advanced for me and they could play smoothly and perfectly (unlike me ) anyway I just wonder what they do and I don't? knowin that i practice at least 4 hours a day ,so my guess would be that I am not practcing right ,so can u guys point me to the proper way to practice? and one other thing i get really complicated when i play for ppl i don'T know(i mean playing become rabbish and i forget most of the songs that i know) do u guys feel that too?
clean channel for everything and switch to overdrive every so often so you can see if your string muting is good. and target what you're bad at i.e. instead of playing through a whole piece , practice the difficult parts of that piece and then try and play through it.

Don't get discouraged by people better than you , there is ALWAYS someone better than you. It's down to personal taste not technique
getting rabbish is from concentrating on your audience and not your playing, alot of people will say start slow with metronome work up speed, yes yes, but as far as those players who have played the same amount of time, i think guitar is quite literally in the blood of some people more than others, you have idiot savants also...
They probably just spend more time than you, there maybe a few thing you got beter than tem. For your problem of playing song it's just because your stress, take it cool...
I have days when I feel like I should have come further (I have been playing for the same amount of time as you). I really started to progress when I found a teacher, do you have an instructor?
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dude, nobody that's only been playing a year is great. and everybody learns at a different speed and in different ways. hell, some people are just better at learning than others.

as an example, the other guitarist in my band (rhythm) has supposedly been playing for like 9 years, and he's fairly good, but I've been playing for 3 years (it'll be four in april) and I'm a lot better than him. I'm not being full of myself, that's just the way it is. he knows very little music theory (except what I've taught him) all ever he's learned were by tabs and by ear. He could lay down a good riff really quick, but that's it.

now that he's been hanging around me for a while he is getting a lot better, starting to understand scales, learning more about technique and dynamics, cleaning up his playing, starting to get the hang of tone control etc. all just from me being around and helping him out.

so my advice: make friends with a guitarist who's better than you. jam with em a lot, pay attention to what he's doing that's different or better, and ask about little things.

and stop worrying so much!
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