Alright, I pretty much made this so I could have something to do in my computer class when I was bored.


I'd like any feedback on this game... please don't comment on it's
a) Difficulty, as I designed it to be fairly hard,
b) Graphics... i'm in the process of improving it

Any other feedback would be great =D
Christ, that was hard. I dislike those kind of flash games, though.
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Its super effective!
I didn't really find it amusing. Not something I would play again....
Rush Rocks

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That was awful. I mean, come on, what's my motivation?
Did these drills kill my family or something? Throw a guy a bone here.
i actually like it

but im only playing on easy

my highest score so far has been 12 on easy.
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lol. give it up seriously
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Cool idea, could use some work though. Also it's kind of weird that I did as good on insane as easy (my score was 1).
the music's set a bit loud, even at lowest volume level it seemed loud.
a bit jerkey.
got boring quite quick.
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I actually liked it. 3/5 Good job!
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I liked it.

It's actually somewhat challenging, and not just another rip off of some other game like most web flash games.
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I got 16 on insane :p

Shit, I didn't even get a point on easy

Not too fun, but if I was that bored I'd play it.
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I couldn't even figure out what was going on, let alone why I "died" as soon as I started.
I got 14 on easy. Kinda fun I guess.

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I got to 22 on easy. I like it, but at the same time I don't think it works being as attention needing as possible. People don't play flash games when they're bored, and bored people usually are not wizards of the space bar, constantly pressing it so they don't hit spikes on the wall and drills in the sky.
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I don't want to sound like an ass, but...

that was pretty much the most **** thing I've ever played.
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If you turn the thing you move into a kitten and the falling things into fireballs and you might be on to something!
Try to make it playable at least, making a small minimum gap between each drill big enough so you can pass, in all directions, etc, so the drills don't overlap and you don't get into a dead end situation.
Also you could make the walls bounceable, if not you'll keep yourself alwasy in the middle, making the other areas useless...

Also you could try making the line in which the ball goes back and forth movable up and down.
Awesome, thats a good game, you need bonus stars, and maybe lives.
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Not a fan of flash games but, smooth it out, its choppy as hell, give it a fixed spawn rate there's no walls of falling spikes you can't avoid no matter how good you are, change the area spikes and stars fall from so they don't spawn inside the walls, and possibly make different lengths/widths of spikes, and different types of stars with possible power ups. A star that allows you an extra hit would be nice.