I've got 100's and 100's of tabs I've created of Reggae Artists/Reggae Songs...But I very rarely post them on this site, as I don't know if anyone out there would be interested in them or not...

So...if you would like me to post some Reggae, then just let me know either on here, on my profile, or through an email to clumsyband@hotmail.com

I'm talking artists such as Max Romeo, Ken Boothe, Desmond Dekker, Steel Pulse, Dennis Brown, John Holt etc etc
absolutely, i mean reggae is generally easier to figure out, but before i could really figure anything out by ear your tabs may have helped. so there's probably a beginner out there who would be helped out big time. you never know, everything helps.
I would really some reggae tabs up please like Mary Jane by collie budz it would be nice for a bass tab to. Reggae bass is really awesome.
yup i need bass tabs like
-running by rebelution
-2years to eternity by pau hana
-falling by iration
The Fender Stratocaster is by far the most popular guitar ever and it comes as no surprise that it is the most popular model used in reggae. It really does not matter what strings you use, what you are after is a nice high clean sound that will give the chop/chuck sound. Check out the how to play reggae guitar for more on this.

A favorite for many reggae guitarists is the Fender Telecaster because of its simple design and sweet sound. There are no rules cast in stone as to how you go about getting your tone for reggae. With this guitar, play with the settings a bit and use your ears to figure out what sounds best. Quick tip, listen to one of your favorite reggae record and try to match the sound.

And last but by no means least, is the Gibson Les Paul. Bob Marley used it and so did his lead guitarist Al Anderson and many others. You could start off with the pickup switch in middle and if that is not to your liking, then change the settings to see what works best for you.
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