So, I want to transfer quite a few (7) different signals from one part of my board to another, and keep it as tidy as possible. Ideally, I'd like to heat shrink the seven cables into one big lead - but obviously, with a standard jack socket/plug you can only have two (or three, if stereo) seperate signals.

Would something like this - a D-Sub connector, do the same job? Would I experience signal loss? Would it even work at all? Is there a solution to this rather ridiculous problem?

Thanks in advance, UG!

a d-sub would work. they also sell cable with multiple leads in it for dsubs so theres no need to heatshrink a bunch of cables together. i'm sure there'd be some signal loss but i doubt it'd be enough to make a difference since those wires are no bigger than the wires inside a pedal. as long as everything is shielded you should be fine.