when i do pull offs i somewhat flick upward (toward the sky, kinda like extending my finger). not a huge movement, very subtle. tutorials say to flick downward (toward the ground) but i cant do it without hitting the string under it. am i going to run into problems with this later on or should i just go with it? thanks
Does it adversely effect the sound of the pulloff? If not, don't worry about it. All those tutorials out there are really just guidelines/suggestions. If it sounds right, then you're doing it right. Hope this helps.
It might restrict you a bit later on when you start trying to play really fast shred. You want as much economy of motion as possible, otherwise you're gonna slow yourself down in the long run. But it'll do you well until you start trying to play really fast stuff. I'd say run with it, but keep working on minimizing that upwards flick. Try to work on pulling downward, you should be able to do it after you improve your finger control.
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Go down. It'll help for speed, and somewhere down the road you will want to play fast. Don't just be lazy, it's silly and will just make you wish you had perfected it earlier on so you wouldn't worry about it then.
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