I've tried to record into Audacity and Reaper but on both programs when I played it back it sounded (roughly) a semitone lower than I actually recorded it in, which made it useless for recording imrpovisation over it ect.

Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance.
try using the normalize tool

EDIT: ohh i re-read it. check your bpm or use a different program. acid pro 7 is way better imo
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Double-click teh volume button in the taskbar, you get properties and such for input, output, etc. Try thatttt
You DO realize you can just raise the pitch up a semi-tone in audacity, right? Just click on the track, then go to Effects> Pitch and Tempo > Change Pitch

Just do that if all else fails

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acid pro 7 is way better imo

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^It's not exactly a semitone.

Thanks, I'll try the other stuff.

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