Has anyone ever bought any guitars from Music Go Round? I spotted a guitar on the site recently and have been interested in getting it, but I live a few states away from where it was and was a bit concerned about buying something out of state from a site I've never personally dealt with. Anything I should be concerned/aware about?
I bought my main guitar from music-go-round. There are some things you should be aware of.

Their return policy is crap. They give you like 48 hours after the date of sale. So, if you're getting it shipped to you..that doesn't give you very much time to return it.

The way I feel about instruments is I ALWAYS want to play the specific instrument before I buy it. It may be a good guitar but the person who owned it before could've treated it like crap. It may have all sorts of unfixable buzzing, scratches you can't see, etc. I''ve had this problem with 2 guitar's I've ordered...I'll probably never buy an instrument online again unless I get to play it first.

Luckily the guitar I bought was in pretty good shape...didn't get as good of a deal as I expected though.

I bought a Fernandes Vertigo Deluxe, thinking that it came with Active EMG pickups (all the new models do). In the picture I could tell that the pick ups were infact EMGs. When I asked the tech on the phone he said they were EMGs as well.

I get the guitar, only to find out that they were EMG HZ pickups. Boy, did I feel stupid. So I had to spend an extra 200 dollars to get a pair of active EMGs. So I ended up not getting as good of a deal as I expected.

EDIT-I don't know if I was dealing with a bad store-but they had the Vertigo listed as an ELITE, when it was really an older model deluxe. If the store had done a little bit of research on the product they could've listed it properly because all fernandes models that are 'elite' come with the sustainer.
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I personally hate Music Go Round...or atleast the one nearest to me. They sell janked up crap. In my experience, I might look elsewhere.
I just bought a new ESP LTD EC 500 from them and its in perfect condition, but I have heard of stories just like the people above, so its probably hit or miss w/ them.
so would it be wiser to get a Fender Jaguar from Music Go Round, or spend like 100 bucks more because of shipping to buy one from a seller on Ebay with 100% feedback?
There used to be one in my town. There's still one in Maryland, but the one in my town shut down. I used to practically live there, and found some great deals...but only because I personally knew half the staff. They basically gave me stuff near cost, or at least at their discount. But that also let me in on the polished turds, too. A nice looking guitar, if you knew what to look for, was really a dud, but it had the standard used markdown instead of a clearance kind of markdown.

I wouldn't buy if you don't actually go in store.


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I'd be getting it online and having it shipped if I do buy from them. The only reason I'm doing so is because the guitar in question is this awesome shade of blue that I've never seen on a Jaguar before, and I love the looks and sounds of Jags.

It's either a blue Jaguar for about 630 on MGR or a sunburst Jag for about 720 on eBay.