Hey, I posted this thread before but deleted it because a lot of info changed:

The bassist in my band needs a bass amp. He is relatively new to bass, but he is catching along very well and is very into it and wouldnt quit anytime soon. He just joined our band and needs a bass amp.

We practice at least once a week and gig every 2 weeks or so. We have a hard-hitting drummer so keep that in mind. The genre we play is punk/hard rock. He also enjoys playing the blues, the beatles, and some modern alternative stuff at home.

Budget: $700-1000 USD

I have no clue about bass amps so i hope you guys can help. Thanks!
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just go to a Guitar Center and ask for bass stack amps. most of them are not too expesive and will become louder than you need.
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Go with your buddy to a local guitar shop and see what they have to offer. He should try everything he can get his hands on and see what he likes. After he has some amps to compare, get online and research some other amps. Then decide what you want and go get it.

How big are the gig's you're playing? What kind of guitar amps is he playing against?
Definitely have him try out as many as possible. Be sure to check used stuff as well.

As far as brands, avoid Behringer, Marshall, and Ampeg, unless it's an older Ampeg SVT. The new stuff and the B-series are much too expensive for what you get.

And for brands to look for, He'll probably like the sound of Peavey, Acoustic, and Kustom(nice and thick), though Acoustic and Hartke make very good gear in that range as well if he likes their stuff.

My personal pick would be the following:

Ashdown MAG 300H

Ashdown MAG 410T

Kustom Groove 215H

That'd provide a good tone for those styles, and be one heck of an intimidating rig on stage...not to mention it'd sound awesome. Total comes to $869.97.

edit: You'd have to get your local GC to order it though...otherwise shipping is $150. Sales tax from a store would be between $60 and $80, I think.

edit again: I don't know if they could order the Kustom cab...though even with the shipping it's still much lower than its normal retail price. That's a heck of a price fore something as awesome as that.
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I think a 2x15 is a bit much. The classic 4x10 and 1x15 would be more realistic.
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What you saying fleajr, what you need is a 2x15 taking a clean bass signal, and a 6x10 taking all the effects. Well thats my dream setup.

As i said in your other thread, a mag 300H and a 1x15 for practise and a 2x10 for gigs. Or a 4x10. It will be perfect.
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I agree with the MAGs.
But get 2 8ohms to get the full 300 watt out of it.
Look at Carvin, for starters. Also look at Avatar cabs. Both of these are great values.

I assume he'll want a stack, I assume the guitars are pretty loud. So I would probably advise you to get around 400-500 watts through lots of speakers. If you go towards the top of your price range, you can almost get a Carvin full stack. You could probably find some cabs used and be good to go that way. And you would have tons of wattage going out. I own a Carvin head and it is quite good. I play a lot of punk in my spare time and it is great for it.

Have your bass player go to Guitar Center and see what he likes. If he likes GK perhaps get one of their heads. Basically the thing with Carvin heads is that you'll get the most wattage for your money, so if he needs to be heard a BX1200 is most likely the way to go.
Well our gigs are small-medium clubs for now. Nothing more than 500 people yet. Does he really need a full stack for that? Just wondering, i have no idea about bass amps.

Thanks for the replies. Of course he'll try a bunch out we just want a good starting point
if he isn't mic'd a full stack will really help him project the sound better. I'm not mic'd at gigs and i use 2 4x10's. 1 just doesn't cut it because the sound seems to just get sucked into the ground. the 4x10 on top really helps with that. I use 225watt tube amp btw. If you're looking to buy a really really nice halfstack you could go that route and upgrade to a full stack later. I recommend getting the cabs used and the head new. That's what i did and i'm pretty happy. Mine are crappy cabs but still sound ok because of the nice amp head i got. If he finds an amp head that he likes that's used in the area you could go for that too, it's just that chances are the head he likes probably will be only available new without the use of ebay or something like that. Who, knows you might get lucky.
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