I play mainly rythmn guitar but have a bass and have been playing off & on again for a couple of months. I have been playing guitar for about 8 years though. You can check out my youtube page if you want to see some of my playing and I also have one bass video. Search for Shadow3497 and you should find my stuff.
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Very nice stuff dude! I LOVED the bass work, and I especially liked your take on Psychosocial, I actually just saw Slipknot last week in Baltimore. So the next questions would be: A) are you located in NOVA? And B) we are a Christian outfit... What are your feelings on that?

Hit me back, player!
I'm actually in the Waldorf area & although Christian isn't exactly what I am playing I don't really have problem with it. I went to a christian school so when you say "a christian oufit" I pretty much understand what your talking about, but no I don't have any issues with it.