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I like pretty much every genre of music. However, my favorite guitarist is Joe Satriani. I am not one of those guys that thinks he needs to own the same guitar as him, I dont want to be a Satch=wanabe. But I do want to play covers of his music soon. I was wondering if anyone here thinks that an American Strat could pull it off(it seems like the most versatile choice) and what pedal(s) might help me in my effort.

I wish a guitar center was near my town so I could see for myself, or at least find a decent video of a cover on youtube with a strat.

The help is always appreciated!!!

(if I cant, I may just have to get the ibanez rg2550z instead...but its not as good for certain cleaner music, as well as too much sustain, good and bad in different cases)
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strats are great versatile guitars and you can play anything on them.

But if you want to get a tone similar to Satch's, then go with the RG. The strat will sound great and play great, but it won't sound the same. That matters to some people, not so much to others.
If you're looking to emulate, and not completely imitate, than you can't really go wrong with a MIA Strat.


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the HSS strat?
How does that perform?

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I agree with this, i adore mine. Although I'm now wishing I had just gotten the SSS strat. I have my SG for dirty stuff, and I only use my strat for the neck pickup now.

So if you're using the strat for dirt, giver with the HSS, if not go SSS
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hss strat is a good way to go but really, you should be looking for something with humbuckers and coil split. an rg wouldnt actually fit that too well. i would reccomend a prs ce24 alder with coil tap. the wide thin neck is similar to the js neck with a shorter scale.

oh and prs>fender in terms of versitility.

to the talk about the trem: good point. neither a strat or a prs have a floyd rose. dont think you HAVE to get one though.
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The Strat would be able to get a good Satriani tone with the right amp, but you really need a Floyd to be able to play Satch. He uses it in basically every song.
I have coil taps in my RG and its really really versatile, I find anyway, I do tonnes of different things with it without doing a pedal dance, just my volume and pickup selector. Neither would be a bad choice, if one of them feels right in your hands and the other doesn't, then there is your choice.
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