I have this old HSS strat copy lying around and I'm thinking about modding it. I have a couple of questions.

- Rockfield pickups? How are they? I was looking at the Fat ass model for the bridge.

- Looking to replace the bridge to another strat style tremelo, any recommendations?

- Is there any tuners out there that are better than grover?

- Should I replace the wiring, pots, etc?

- I'm thinking about replacing the neck with a maple neck with maple fretboard, would I have to adjust the truss rod or the intonation if I do this?

- This might be a stupid question, How do I get the tone/volume knobs off? Do I just pull on them hard?

There are a few questions I only know an answer for, so forgive me for being brief and unhelpful.

- Rockfield pickups are good, just not great; there are better ones out there.

- There are "better" tuners other than grover, but to honest, you won't notice a whole lot of difference. It depends on whether you want locking tuners or not, as well?

- The wiring and pots are very recommendable to change, it makes a huge difference to how long it lasts, it's stabality and a little to it's sound.

- If you replace the neck with a pre-made neck then you may have to adjust the truss rod, but if you are putting the parts together, you shouldn't have any problem altering the intonation and angle?

- On Strats, they just pop off. Do not do similarly with a Les Paul, though.

Also, if you are hoping for an amazing guitar, you may be better off buying a whole new guitar - like an American Standard Strat.
If you are making it for thrills sake, go for it, brilliant. But you may be surprised at how poor the guitar could turn out, and I don't mean any offense by that as I don't know your experience and abilities - which, by the sound of it, aren't very up to scratch.
Think hard about it, in other words.
^^Thanks for the advice, no offense taken. This is my first modding of a guitar, but gotta start somewhere lol.
Although I have never built a guitar before, personally, I watched my brother build one and I know enough about gear to get by, and the way he did was just by purchasing a book that was dedicated solely to building an electriv guitar. It had the blueprints for various different shapes and styles and he chose a Tele - I have it posted in my pictures.
You have a good attitude, you do have to start somewhere, but my best advice would be to buy a book that'll tell you everything you need to know!
one note about replacing the neck., the heel thickness ( the area where the neck screws on) should match the original neck's pretty close and you should be good. I tried to put a Squier 22 fret neck on a Johnson body and popped the fingerboard off a bit, ( didn't measure it first, and I'm NOT a rookie at this, my bad).lol
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