Because you guys are only a 3-Piece, I won't criticize the guitar as much. The drummer is pretty good, but the main thing is that I can barely hear the singer. Especially in the first song, the guitar's riffs are alright, just not all that catchy. Overall, good. Rapture is the best song IMO.
Thanks for the crit. The mic we have is a ****ty karaoke mic but I guess we could turn up a little bit. What did you think of the guitar though?
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Like I said, the guitar is alright. It's good enough and the solo's are good but not outstanding. I listen mostly to Lamb of God, so that's pretty much where my standards are. It's obviously a completely different style to that but like I said, it's not amazing, but good enough.
Im my opinion, much to repetitive, not enough vocals, and wouldn't really consider it thrash. Don't get me wrong, your doing great, just some constructive criticism for points to work on.
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i really like it, good work.
your riffs remind me of a mix of slayer and Legion.
i dont mind the quiet vocals cuz i personally no vocals
practice, your drummer sometimes seems to be off time sometimes.

you NEED a 2nd guitar, go look for a guitarest.

your doing alright, just keep practicing and try making your riffs faster, remember thrash is all about fast heavy riffs.

once you tighten everyone togher you`ll be alot better.
Our first show is tonight, 19+ show so we'll have to leave right after but that's alright. We are playing with 2 other death metal bands.

We do have a second guitarist lined up, one of my buddies, but we're waiting for him to get a new amp. In the meantime if we find someone else then we'll try it. But yes I do agree that we need a 2nd guitarist.
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you need to turn your guitar up.
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Raise the bass tracks please
and the vocalist sounds kind of meh

Still I like the thrashiness! reminds me of slayer a little. Your drummer is really good
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You can't hear the bass? On our computer the bass was louder than the guitar hah. I'm the vocalist and what do you think needs to be improved, or is it just the sound of my voice?
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New recordings and new songs are up! These were recorded from a live show and then mixed. We are going to be using them for a demo since they sounds pretty good. What do you guys think?
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Oh god the vocals are incredibly bad in my opinion, you really need to work on that.
Check out older Kreator songs, now that's how Thrash vocals should sound.
I don't know what to work on for vocals. What would you suggest?
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