Wow havent posted here in a while
sorry guys

Recently joined a band and we got a decent sized gig at our school coming up to advertise our guitar class. We have no idea on how to get our vocals loud enough and clear enough over the drums and guitar.

Im a complete noob when it comes to setups but Il give you a least of our equipment and see if yall can help us out

- peavey 5150 stack
- line 6 bogner stack
-and a bass amp ( know idea what it is)

- an average yamaha mixer dont know the name right now but if its important ill call the person who has it

- we got a few big speakers from the school but none of them our self powered.

hope this isnt confusing. We dont play till next tuesday

any questions ask

BUDGET- around $100 or more
get a high frequency mic with a high Z cord...

also, if your mixer doesnt have phantom power..well, lets just hope it does
Yea what neverspoiled need a great mic and if your moniters dont have phantom powerd there gos alot o cash!
it doesnt have phantom power

thats the whole problem and our douche bag school gave us typical in house stereos but big ones.

gah not the wall of marshalls i expected