I want to learn to play fast like dave mustaine,
I can play solos by angus young and jimmy page.
What should i do to become a better guitarist,
as in metal soloing?
Pratice Pratice hard solos riffs scales omg scales there unbarable but you got to pratice them and for god sakes the hardest part of this is you gotta pratice clean to hear all your mistakes NO DISTORTION also dont cheat yourself in order to get better you have to judga yourself!
if you want to play fast like mustaine do what i did
learn the rythms to song like take no prisoners, she wolf ,holy wars
any of the songs like those
my guitar teacher (you guys may know him, insideac) put together a site for just this kinda thing

but really, he's got some great info and of course, LEARN SOME MEGADETH SONGS SILLY
start easy get harder if you need to play faster the more you fap the faster youll strum,im dead serious you use the same muscles also learn scales because thats what most solos are basted out of
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Learn your scales NAO!!

Practice with a metronome.

Start slow. It will take FOREVER before you can speed things up.

Also, practicing w/ distortion is perfectly fine, and even preferable when you're learning some more advanced techniques (like sweep picking and tapping). However, practicing on the clean channel does allow you to make sure your picking is clean, even, and consistent.

Also, make sure your muting technique is nearly flawless.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Don't play fast. Play music.
You need to practice with distortion if you're performing with distortion; finding out that you sound bad with the gain cranked up at a gig isn't fun. However, everyone needs to practice on a clean, unplugged, or acoustic guitar.
Work on your alternate picking. After that work on sweeps. Then economy picking. Then tapping. Get all these skills sharp, and make sure you know natural and harmonic minor scales. Play along to a metronome, and learn to play triplets. Its basically like any other style. Learn the fundamentals of it, then find your own voice within it.
Dude, put on Iron Maiden and Judas Priest records and set them to 45 speed and play along.
I swear I heard Dave say he did this in some interview.
Other than that, just learn Megadeth songs.
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. However, everyone needs to practice on a clean, unplugged, or acoustic guitar.

^ Not really, but if you plan on playing unplugged or acoustic it would certainly make sense to do that.

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How about learning some Megadeth songs?

+ 1

TS, thats what you need to do.
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-Practice slowly with a metronome. Don't cheat yourself, in the end ****ty technics will bite your in the arse, mistakes u make when playing at high bpm can be pretty nasty to ears. ( Dragonforce live?)
-Learn your minor, harmonic minor scales.
-Learn your downpicking too, I don't care if you can shred like Alexi Laiho, if you can't downpick with consistency and dynamic, then the Metulz wont be Brutalz. after all, heavy rhythm guitar is the back bone of metal.
-Learn sweep picking might comes in handy also.

*Personally i agreed with the guy that said everyone need to practice on an acoustic guitar. Playing acoustic guitars imo is the best way to improve finger strength, and i believe that by improving finger strength it also improve your accuracy.
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to play faster u can keep ur fingers closer to the fret board when u lift them up and keep ur thumb behind it rather then near the e string on the side ....also strum as fast as u can on one note and keep ur right hand the same when u paly normal might be wiered at first but u do develop speed and pratice a scale on like 2 strings then 3 then 4 etc. then learn sweeps n u should be good
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