So I need a new guitar and I've been looking at an Epiphone AlleyKat for around $300. Right now I have a crappy Starcaster so anything else that I play sounds like heaven. I have played it and liked it but I don't trust my own ear.I've read basically everything I can on the internet but I'd like some expert advice. I like playing Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Indie stuff, rock and punk, and was wondering if this guitar could do that kind of stuff. Any information would be great. Thanks.
^^wrong thread.

I'd get it, you probably could get better for the range, such as an SG or such, but try out the Alleykat before you buy it.

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I have played it and liked it but I'm mainly just wondering if it can do some heavier stuff and not just all blues or jazz like a lot of semi-hollows. But thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.