I know, I know, it's childish. But I'm trying to knock some sense into my friends head. He thinks Synyster Gates is the greatest guitarist to ever walk the earth. I stated that Oli Herbert of All that Remains is better (not the best, but I think he's really good.) So let's get some opinions.

Who's the better guitarist? Oli Herbert or Synyster Gates?
SYN is better /thread
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Synster is wayyyyyy better!
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Niether are good.
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I like Oli better but Syn is really good, although I hate a7x

oli has a beard and a real name too and not a stupid hat

yep he wins
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Synyster gates tone makes me cringe and, compared to other professional guitarists out there, he really isn't that good in my opinion, I mean he fits the bill perfectly for Avenged Sevenfold, but he's not the virtuoso some uneducated fools make him out to be.
The arguement is not which of those 2 are better......but how much better Steve Vai is then either of them lol. No but seriously I would put them both pretty much on the same level.
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/comparing guitarists is stupid. it is all opinion.

edit: oh yes, and *reported*

Correct good sir.

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Syn, while not better than Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc, is an awesome guitarist, regardless of what UGers will tell you. Few guitarists can play as well as him, truly.

Nobody who says Syn is saying it because A7X is popular. Syn is really a great guitarist. He just has terrible tone.

In short, Syn rocks, and he beats Oli any day.
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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
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/comparing guitarists is stupid. it is all opinion.

edit: oh yes, and *reported*

this man = genius.

not because of his hxc facial hair, but because he doesnt overdo it like syn and doesnt have to wear makeup or rip off others to shred

edit: and even though atr's sound is lighter on overcome, its still not as bad as a7xs "change" :P but i like atr and some a7x(in small doses)

r i kool nao
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Syn no doubt. Oli is good, but there is very little variety in All That Remains. Syn can write very diverse styles of music.
Let's see, Oli Herbert incorporates awesome melodies and octaves or thirds/fifths in all of his solos 90% of the time. Look up any set of ATR solos on youtube for this to be proven.



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Syn no doubt. Oli is good, but there is very little variety in All That Remains. Syn can write very diverse styles of music.

reverse it :p
syn is nasty. i think oli is a better musician and looks cooler. maybe syn can play better, but he's just a retarded nasty guy
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reverse it :p

+ infinity

Syn's solo's all sound the damn same to me. Mindless shredding to make the fanboys gizz.
I think they're both great guitarists, but they're different in style, and i think that's what makes guitar-playing so cool - people are good at different things, and that adds to their 'sound'.

Some ppl on this forum just seem to want to put forth really strong opinions and diss other people - that's kind of 'high n mighty' attitude is just immature. Opinions are just opinions, no need to get all catty and fight over them.
wow people who are saying oli or syn just because the way they look need to gtfo.
I'm going to say Oli, because Syn is a pussy faggot.

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How can you listen to ATR and then A7X, then say Synyster gates is the better guitarist? Syn is an over-rated pussy with no apparent skill or songwriting abilities.

Personally, both bands suck, but what ya gonna do in this era of shi*ty music?