I bought my first acoustic-electric guitar today, and I've found that it only works with one of my cables.

The cable has gold connectors unlike my other ones, and was more expensive than the others.

The guitar doesn't seem to put out anything with any of my regular silver tipped cables, even though these cables work fine with my electric guitars.

Is it normal for this kind of guitar to only be able to put out sound through higher quality cables or something?
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^ Yours runs on 1/4" cables. 1/8" is the standard headphone jack size.

As for your acoustic-electric guitar... that really shouldn't be the case. The gold tips are just for better conductivity of signal. They should all work for your guitar regardless of what material they are. I'm not sure what the problem is tough.
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i get this problem with silver tip with my boss ds-1 pedal, try moving the conection around a bit or put some spit on the silver tip and try it. i'm serious, it works for a little bit. but normaly, an acoustic shouldent have this problem, have it looked at by a tech.
That's not a problem I've ever heard of either, could you have a stereo output jack? Compare your cables and see if the one that works for you has an extra ring around the end. Maybe your guitar needs a stereo cable? That's the only thing I can think of.
No, definitely not a stereo cable.

I suppose the best thing to do will be to just take a trip back to the shop so somebody can take a look at it.
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