Ibanez Sr530 blk w/gold hardware


Spector Legend Custom slate grey

both are 4 strings,

spending in the $650 range

i play everything from The Used to Haste the day and underoath

im into more of a growl, but alot of the bands i listen to use ibanez or spector lol heres where the problem lies.

votes for Spector:
votes for Ibanez:
votes for other:
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Took a few minutes of comparing, but my choice would be the Ibanez.
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definitely the ibanez. they make great basses and i own one, love it so much i almost play it instead of my guitar (as in, guitar parts on the bass(but its a 6 string))
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That's a tough call man....

We really need your tonal preferences and such.

Personally, I'd go for the Spector.
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Spector, definitely. I played a similar one about a week ago, I almost cried it was so beautiful
Tough choice, but I'd say the spector.
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Don't know much about them, but that Spector looks dam fine.
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I'd got for the Spector, although that's only because Ibanez necks are far too thin for me and I'm assuming the Spector one is thicker
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sorry its the Spector Legend Classic 4, basically the same as the custom minus like 1 or 2 bells and whistles
I've not tried the Ibanez but I have the Spector Legend, great bass and tone for the price.