I recently finished my first EP--I made about 50 physical copies and decided that when I sold out I'd make the album free online. I sold out (and still ended up losing money because CD label paper is so expensive), so now I have it online for everyone to check out.

I'm posting the link up on UG because this forum was actually a big help to me while I was writing and recording the album. There are 6 songs on the EP; three of them were in posts I made at different points looking for advice. Thanks to everyone who helped me in the past, and know that I'll be coming back here in the future.

Musically, the album is all over the place--it almost never repeats itself, and it covers a really wide variety of styles. It's all me except for the vocals, which are done by my friend.

Basically, I just want people to check out the album. I'd love any feedback or constructive criticism (in fact, if you completely hate it feel free to let me know).


(click on "view tracks" then "mp3" next to each track to download)
Dude..I love it all! Honestly this is so cool! Your crazy theme is also funny...

Wow your music is so refreshing, I especially enjoyed The Cowboy. The only critisicim I guess I have is the vocals could be better, and the style of singing isn't really my type but whatever. If only you got it in a major studio and had some clearer production, this would sound great.
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pretty ambitious stuff. overall i think what you're going for here is great though. do you use logic to record? seems like i recognize quite a few of those synth noises haha. you present a very diverse understanding of melody and rhythm for your ages, as well (coming from somebody onle 2 years older than you haha). but yes, i agree about the vocals, but there isn't a whole lot you can do about those at this stage. i think they definitely turned out about as good as possible for the style. well done, i hope you enjoyed putting in the time to do this project. Your effort shows in the final product.
Thanks for the positive responses! I use ProTools to record; the synth sounds come from Xpand! (which I thought was Protools-exclusive, but maybe it works for Logic as well).

The vocals might just be a matter of taste; some people seem to love them and others don't. I like the way they turned out (especially considering the fact that all of the vocals on the album were recorded in one 6-hour session).

So thanks again, and feel free to show this music to other people -- it's all copyrighted and I'm trying to show it to as many people as possible.
Great music! I see you're trying very hard to be creative, just like me.
Is it a story? concept album?
I'm thinking, aside from the music, a humoristic Coheed and Cambria.

Oh, and it would have been even better with a female on vocals.
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