gday guys. im looking to upgrade my solidstate combo to a tube combo. im thinking either 30 or 50 watts, for between $1500 and $2000 AUSTRALIAN

for reference, that works out to be roughly $960 - $1300 US
and 670 - 900 pounds for all you poms.

so far, im thinking perhaps a laney VC30-212, a Vox AC30-CC2 or perhaps a Peavey classic 30/50/delta blues.

i have a boss ME-50 by the way, possibly to be soon replaced by a more dedicated pedal board.

i play predominantly hard, bluesy rock, but i like to dabble in heavy metal, punk, ska and some avant-garde sort of gear.

opinions on those amps? or suggestions for something that may suit me in that price range?

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vox ac-30 custom classic for brittish voicing, bogner alchemist for slightly ambigiguous but still detectable american voicing, or fender hot rod deluxe (i suggest 4x10) for sparkley california clean if you dont mind sacrificing having a lot of gain and using a pedal if you need it.
I would say out of those three the Vox and Laney would be your best bet. The Peavey is also good, but the other two are just more pristine-sounding.


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laney AOR might be good for you. Check out mesa rectos to
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