Can fairly lousy pickups result in a weak sweep in equalization? It seems like my settings really only sound good with drastic settings in my amplification EQ stage. For example, on my lead channel, to get good saturation in my gain, my treble must be nearly maxed, bass alittle further than 3oclock, and mids down way low, like 0.5. As the the knobs back approach the middle, the gain either becomes weak and all loose, or it sounds radio-ish. I know that it is important for you to know my equipment, but I want some responses that will be based only on experience, not bias opinions about my gear. All I will say is that everything I have is stock, my amp is a tube amp worth about $700, and my guitar is worth about $350.
FWIW, I have an old Squire strat with a pickup upgrade that made a world of difference. Something to think about. Do you play metal? I was wondering why you scoop your mids so much.

What kind of amp do you play through at least?
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If the pickups is lousy enough yes it can. But it will have to be a almost toneless in order to affect the strength of the EQ sweep in your amp . like those single coils they put in beginner strats that make out of pry-wood. But to me i think that drastic EQ on an amp means one thing. it's that an amp is being force to achieve a certain tone that's not in the range it's design for.
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Well idk about that.. I play basically all metal and heavy metal type music. Thats why my mids are scooped, although I agree that they are drastically scooped and shouldn't need to be. I play through a Bugera 333-212, which is basically designed for high gain type stuff, however I have seen clips of people playing these amps stock and getting nice sparkly cleans out of them. With my treble all the way up and mids and bass around 12oclock, I get little sparkle.
Hmmmm...yesterday I rewired my amp from the transformer. after playing today, the amp is louder than it was and less clarity on the clean channel as you describe. In my case, I think the bias needs to be adjusted because it seems the tubes are drawing more voltage.

You might have a similar issue.
Well you have a decent amp thats supposed to be good for the the music you play so why would you not upgrade the stock epi pickups for some that are better suited for the music that you play. The problem is that you don't know how a better set of pickups would sound until you try them and it is a pain to fit them if the problem lies elsewhere. Many would say that your mids are too scooped. I did not like the pickups in my epi g400 my Tokai Strat sounded great through my modded VJ but my g400 did not, it was muddy like there was a blanket over the amp. When I replaced the stock pups for some SD 59s the guitar sound much better and the blanket was lifted the neck pup was far worse than the bridge. I've played quite a few stock epi LPs in music stores and they all sounded a bit dull compared the Vintage V100 Lemon Drop I tried.

Maybe you should get yourself down to a guitar store and try a few other guitars through your amp. Also try some other epi LPs just to see if they sound at all like yours. If your amp is fine and other guitars sound like you want them to then you can either try some new pup in your epi LP or think about getting a new guitar that sounds good for you.