I was just wondering out off the tabs and different ways....Which is the easiest and less complicated way to play im yours...For some reason im having trouble with it.Thanks
I think the chords are Bmaj, F#Maj, G#min and Emaj, but I'm not sure. As far as the tabs go, the ones I've seen on here are pretty accurate.
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There is a version using em, G, and two other open chords with a capo on 2 or 4, that would definitely be the easiest.
^ That, capo'd up to 4. Also, this should have been in A&C....I think.....
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Ok probably shoulda put this in my post...Best way to play without capo...or chords? I know i know im being picky...Please?
Just play it without the capo and it would just be a little lower when you play is all.
Otherwise just dish it out and get a capo. They are really handy and all after all.
Well i have a capo but i usually dont bring it with me anywhere cuz i lose them so i try to learn songs without them so if anyone knows the less complicated way to play please let me know. Thanks
Well it looks like the one with the 4th fret capo and basic open chords i beleieve would be a good one. I played through it some and it sounds right (minus my horrible strumming of muted chords and stuff). I have someone at school who plays it with barre chords or power chords or something and it sounded good too but i cant find a version on here that doesnt look really weird...