Hey guys. I'm new to the whole recording thing, but my friend and I decided to record a couple of our bands original songs. The quality is kinda crappy, but I'm sure i'll figure out how to improve it in the future.

Hax- A metalcore type song. A few f-ups.

Iron Fist- Thrash song. One of my favs.

Located in profile. What ya think?
Hey dude- your tone on the recordings is pretty good, I'd say just bring the volume up a bit. Iron fist was great, a lot of good riffs throughout. I liked the guitar layering, the song worked well even without drums, though they would definitely help it. The solo toward the end was awesome, well played.

Hax seems like a lower quality recording by comparison. The guitar work is pretty damn good though, I like the machine gun riffage and the runs thrown in all over the place.

Out of the two I like Iron Fist better =]
Good work and keep it up man, I hope you get a drummer lined up!

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Hey man, great job with these. I thought the quality on both was pretty good and your tone is great, but a little too bassy for me. Although they both do sound a bit empty without a full band.

Iron Fist - My fave of the two. I thought the leads on this track were ace. Maybe a dual solo would have fit in, or a harmonized solo? Still sounds awesome though. The rhythm guitar sounded a bit boring, I dunno why. It wasn't very varied.

Hax - I thought this one was okay, but didn't really have a clear structure. It just sounded like a bunch of riffs and solo's thrown together to me. What is being played is good though, I loved the harmonized riffing and how both guitars worked together in this track.

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