Well, first, to the mods , I tried the Electric Guitar forum, and there, they told me to come here...

Please read.

Well, here's the point, my friend left his Epiphone SG G400 in my house last week, today I returned it to him , and we saw that it had a very , very bad **** on it,
it was broken in the neck, or rod, or whatever i can name it (I'm spanish ^^) ,

So, i want to know if there is any way to fix it , and to leave it as it where before ,
so if you don't know what i'm talking about , and cos' i don't own a camera , here's the first picture of a SG i could find to show where's the problem:

the fissure goes through the part where the neck goes into the body , and i don't know if it reaches the screw, but the neck is still set in the body, and the first thing we did was to loosen all the strings , and well , tomorrow were gonna take it to a professional , but

can it be fixed???

mmm please , i feel so ******** guilty about it , cos he trusted me his most loved posession , tell me the truth
Pics of the break would help, but from the sound of it, it would be fixable with some good titebond original and some well-placed clamps.
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take it to the professial and see what he says and if its too expensive get some like gorilla glue or something and then get put it a medical needle thing or something then spray it deep into the break the clamp it somehow.
Thanks, well , we took it to a professional with years of experience that someone told us about, and well , it isn't gonna be expensive at all , just something like 30 dollars , and he is gonna fix the humbucker that got deep into the body by free , thanks anyway UG
( pray that the guy knows what he is doing ^^ )