Ive been playing electric guitar for about a year now. Ive learnt many songs and riffs of bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Guns N' Roses, The Angels, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and many others. During the beginning of this year i came across an album which totally amazed me.

That album was Rocks by Aerosmith. I loved it. I then went around to listening to other Aerosmith songs. I then found that the playing of Joe Perry is just amazing. I really want to learn Aerosmith songs but i don't really know which ones to learn. Ive currently learnt Sick as a Dog, Mama kin & Dont wanna Miss a Thing. Can you please tell me which other Aerosmith songs I should learn.

Also which Aerosmith song have the best solos, and the ones easiest to learn. (I don't like the effect drowned solos)
Walk this Way. Obviously.
Train kept a Rollin. (A bit harder)
Dream On (Moderate.)
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Angel has a pretty decent solo
So does Devils Got A New Disguise
Permanent Vacation has a good guitar riff, and I've always felt the Get a Grip album was underrated as a whole (Fever, Shut Up and Dance, Line Up, Eat the Rich, etc...)
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Last Child is easy as pie, and it kicks major ass.

Rocks is by far their best album, but all of their first four are pretty much bulletproof. Love In an Elevator is a great bunch of riffs. Eat the Rich is also a great riff.

Dream On is easier than it looks. Sweet Emotion is really easy too.

Naturally, you gotta know how to play Walk This Way.
my Fav's are Mama Kin, Love in an Elavator, and Sweet emotion.
Try some of their less "radio friendly" songs like;

Train kept a rollin'
Seasons of wither
Toys in the attic
There's my way and the wrong way.
Draw The Line
Home Tonight
Eat The Rich

All real easy, you should have them all nailed in an afternoon.

... Okay so seriously now.

Nobody's Fault is moderately easy. Also a lot of the power ballads are easy, like What It Takes, Cryin', Crazy and so on. Livin' On The Edge is mostly easy with just a couple of trickier fills.
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same old song and dance
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i'm the violinist in Trans-Siberian Orchestra....
this year we played with Steven Tyler - he sand Dream On and Sweet Emotion with us - he did four shows........
He is AMAZING and the NICEST guy........really cool to meet one of your heroes and for him to be such a gentleman....
There's youtube footage if you google 'trans-siberian orchestra with steven tyler'......i'm the girl to his left holding the violin
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