Okay so there's this one mic package deal that I've got my eyes on.
Well there's the one set, and there's a set that includes this "Audio Buddy" which is a preamp or something that IDK what it does at all. Well first off, can someone explain what this Audio Buddy does? http://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio-MXL-990-991-Recording-Mic-Duo-and-M-Audio-AudioBuddy-Package-703626-i1173655.gc?mode=1&qso=1
It's $100 w/o the Audio Buddy and $130 with it, so I need help if this is a useless additional or if it's a better deal.

I'm gonna be recording electric and acoustic w/ vocals once I get the mics with my video camera
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i got the mxl 990
its alright

the kit i feel is alright at best
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the audiobuddy is a cheap mic preamp. You will need this for those mics if you don't already have a preamp or a recording interface with a preamp built in.
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I say spend the extra $30, you wont regret it, You can also use line out L/R and plug it into line-in L/R on your mixer and thats two extra XLR and 2 extra 1/4' I did the same thing with my old Berhinger Xenyx502 connected to my Yamaha MW10C USB Mixer. I find the more stuff i have, the better prepared I am for stuff.