Ok. I started playing a couple of months ago and suck at tuning by ear. Does anyone know of a good tuner that will let me tune to Drop B? Or how to do it if any tuner will. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
If you've only been playing for a few months, why are you trying to get down to Drop B? Only thing I've ever played in that tuning is Prison Sex by Tool. Honestly though, I just learned to tune by ear by going in and out of drop D without using a tuner (possibly using one just to check once I thought I was in tune.) Didn't really take that long.
usually on most tuners theres a 'Flat' button all you have to do is determine how many semitones you have to go down. ive only ever been to Drop C like 3 times, once for metal, and twice for Neon by john mayer. but yes most tuners have an option to flatten the note.
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