Give it up for the moleman!

No, not him, UG's very own Moleman1991 turns 18 today!

Happy Birthday dude! I got you:

Dreamcast 2!

Monkey Cake!

A babe with beer!

Have a good 'un buddy!

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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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aw crap, kids from 91 are 18 already? when did that happen?

(don't answer that, it's hypothetical.)
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aw crap, kids from 91 are 18 already? when did that happen?

(don't answer that, it's hypothetical.)

I think you mean rhetorical.

Kids born in 91 can't be 18..what happened to the days that they were 12?
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ha, i like ur name, i live in McCall, Idaho

i don't like that though

dude i live in meridian ID
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yes we all need answers to xboys questions hurry up goddam it

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Damn you X-Boy!!!

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dude i live in meridian ID

Dude I live in Nampa, ID.

And happy birthday moleman.
Moley you lovely sonofabitch, happy birthday!

I got you a few things.

Hope it works this time!

I dunno what it is

I didn't get you a damn thing, you already have crabs and beer, what more could you want?
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