I'm looking to upgrade the pickups in my 2006 Les Paul Studio. musician's friend lists the guitar having 490R and 498T Alnico 2 pickups. first question is, did the 2006 lp studios have the same pickups? Also, i'm looking to change the pickups. I like to play alot of clean blues and hard rock (think deep purple and rush) any suggestions guys?
maybe seymour duncan jazz in the neck and a JB in the bridge. i have heard it in an ok guitar and in a nice guitar like the studio it should sound great.
Duncan 59' Jazz(es) in neck and bridge, you most likely wont need the heavy treble of the JB in the bridge as ppl usually do with that combo. Go to a guitar store and try out guitars with those combos and mahogany bodies, or not even, the body type of a guitar doesnt make a significant difference to sound in comparison to the pickup type and adjustment of them to the strings (aswell as the string type/gauge).
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I use .11s with a wound 3rd string. I like the idea of a seymour duncan jazz sh-2 or a duncan 59.